mazar e quaid
Image Source: Samaa

Of the markers of Karachi, the Mazar e Quaid takes the lead. Spread over 33,000 square feet, it was inaugurated in 1971. Tourists, domestic or foreign, make it a point to include it in their trips. While Karachiites may not find enough time to visit the mausoleum, the Mazaar serves as the city center that they have to cross during their everyday routine. Therefore, we are no strangers to the dirty walls and footpaths surrounding the Mazar.

The Karachi residents

Thanks to some Karachi residents, this is not the situation anymore. The Karachi resident Zohaib Ahmed Khan who moved from Peshawer, took on the task to improve Karachi’s outlook. Doing that did not just mean cleaning up Karachi, but also making it pretty so that when Karachiites look at it, they feel refreshed, and when outsiders look at it, they fall in love with the city. He named his project Rang De Karachi.

By now, they have tackled People’s Chowrangi, Numaish, and Shahrah e Quaideen. So this time, they decided to clear out Quaid e Azam’s mausoleum. More than 1000 people in this organization, they cleaned up the outskirts of it and have chosen street art as the medium to make it pretty.

Mazar e Quaid

So when the Karachiites go past the museum and get stuck in traffic near it, they will be able to admire this beauty. And when the tourists come by to visit it, they won’t have to go through awful scenery to get to the museum. Instead, they would like what they saw, and when they reach the actual location, they would be looking forward to admiring the destination.

The fact that almost 1000 Karachi residents are a part of it, it tells you that when you get together for a good cause, people will help.

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