Karachi weather

MET office has issued an alert for the citizens of Karachi. According to the office, the temperature will witness a further increase and things are not looking to improve anytime soon.

On Saturday and Sunday, the expected temperature is expected to hit at least 39 degrees Celsius. The reason for this sudden wave is the sea breeze.

MET Office Karachi Director Mr. Sardar Sarfraz shared that the increase in temperature has started from today due to the change in the direction of the sea breeze. Daytime temperature is expected to stay high.

We are expecting a slight increase in the temperature from Friday due to the change in wind direction and suspension of sea breeze, which may result in daytime temperature of up to 39 degrees Celsius on Saturday, Sunday and maybe Monday.

Karachi Weather Update: Heatwave Predicted in May

Sardar added that Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has not given issuance of any emergency alert regarding any heatwave. However, it is being monitored and citizens must still take precautions.

According to the PMD report, most parts of the country weather is expected to be dry while in Sindh it will be hot.

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