Karachi Traffic Police To Not To Issue Challans Till Iftar

Karachi’s Traffic Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Ahmed Nawaz, has issued new directives to ease traffic congestion during the month of Ramadan. In his latest orders, he instructed traffic officers not to issue fines to commuters rushing home for iftar from 5pm onwards. Instead, they are to focus on maintaining smooth traffic flow to ensure citizens reach home in time to break their fasts.


The DIG emphasized allowing families to proceed with a warning rather than issuing fines. Additionally, officers have been directed to prioritize addressing violations such as one-way driving, a leading cause of accidents and traffic disruptions. Parking, particularly at turning points, is to be strictly monitored, with a focus on preventing rickshaws, cars, and motorcycles from obstructing traffic. Officers without body-worn cameras are prohibited from issuing fines, and strict adherence to the fast lane rule on Sharahe Faisal is mandated, with motorcyclists directed to stay in the by-lanes.

Furthermore, specific time slots will be allocated for vehicle towing, limited to instances of double or illegal parking. The DIG emphasized that any officer found behaving inappropriately towards citizens will face disciplinary action.

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