3d park karachi

Karachiites are gearing up for yet another exciting attraction that is coming their way. The metropolis will get its first ‘3D Park’ in Lines Area on 25th January.

The park will feature animals in 3D (three-dimensional) effects. East DMC Chairman, Moid Anwar explained that these 3D murals will be painted on the walls of the park.

He stated:

“The animal drawings on the walls will give 3D effects, as we are painting the park’s walls with specific paints,”

A total of 10 animals will be painted on the walls. They include an elephant, gorilla, dinosaur, zebra, giraffe, and others.

3D park lines area

The Basharat Park in Lines Area is located opposite of the parking plaza in Saddar. Anvar said the idea of setting up a 3D park is unique and this park will be the first of its kind in Karachi.

 30% of the park has been completed and it will be finished by the end of the month -Anvar

The park will also have a food court, swings, fancy lights and colorful canopies for families.

A resident of Civil Lives, Mr. Rafiq who is 50 years of age shared that the Lines Area has been abandoned for 30 years, and the park itself has been neglected for a decade.

This is a positive sign for residents belonging to such areas.

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