foodpanda Riders Restore Faith In Humanity After Rescuing Stranded Civilians!

foodpanda rescuers

Karachi rains have only recently broken a record of 36 years and the city is underwaters. All around the residents is a murky length of water. As unfortunate as it may be, several lives have been lost while the inconvenience to residents otherwise remains enormous.

Amidst all that, there was a little glimmer of hope and optimism and it came from none other than foodpanda riders. Keep reading to find out their warmest gesture yet!

Closeted Superheroes

A group of foodpanda riders in the North Karachi zone decided that they wanted to concentrate their efforts on rescuing people. A video shows two riders helping a woman cross a road, knee-deep in water, while the flow of the water was in the opposite direction. 

As you can see, the woman would not have been able to cross it alone because the flow was so strong. There are two riders who anchor her and help her get home safely while there are several others standing in the area to offer further assistance. 

The Riders and Their Unlimited Compassion

That was not all for their rescue efforts. They then proceeded to help a wagon move forth in the water. This was a herculean task especially since the water was deep enough to be covering 1/4th of the car and the riders were knee-deep submerged.

The difficulty with which they’re pushing the car is visible but they don’t give up. This sort of resilient spirit and determination to help others is what makes us proud of our country and its people. Kudos to the foodpanda riders for whom the difficulty of others came before their own comfort.

The Opportunity Cost of Civilians’ Relief Efforts

While they may be lauded for their initiative, let’s not get distracted. Had they not taken this responsibility on their head, who would have helped the woman cross the flooded rood? Who would have helped the wagon through?

foodpanda rescuers

The Heroes Deserve An Appreciation

These videos went viral and they did for good reason. This is team spirit and compassion’s prime example from foodpanda riders. As a thank you and to appreciate these courageous men within the company, they were invited to the Headquarters.

There they met with the CEO and the team but that’s not all. They were given appreciation certificates and gifts too! Appreciation within the workplace can make anyone feel confident and these guys deserved it more than anything.

There are hundreds of others who weren’t helped and who remained in such inconvenient positions. The government failed Karachi in two major ways. Firstly, it was their responsibility to ensure urban flooding does not happen. Secondly, they failed to rescue their citizens.

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