Karachi Rains: 5 Days Gone, Karachiites Are Still Crying For Help!

Karachi Rains
Image Source: Samaa

In the past week, Karachi faced torrential rains that disturbed the entire system of the city. While somewhere Karachi Rains caused Prados to fall in the fast-flowing sewerage water, other areas witnessed houses drowning in 4.5 ft water.

Twitter trended with the Karachi Rains hashtag. With urban flooding in Karachi, the Karachiites had to suffer unexplainable trauma. Now, even after five days, the public is still suffering, and they are crying for help in hopes someone would listen.

Surjani Town

Electricity suffered the most. Considering so many places were underwater, and the presence of electricity could fatally injure many, electricity was switched off. For many many hours, Karachi was without electricity. But as the water started clearing on its own, the electricity was restored. Surjani Town, however, is still without it, and it has been 12 days.


In Kharadar, there is no difference between rainwater and the sewerage line. If only the water were cleaner, it would look like a scene handpicked from Venice.  Unfortunately, however, the scene of Kharadar had waste littered on the sides. One could only imagine the smell that the residents must be suffering from.

Bhittai Colony

And where the water was removed, or it disappeared on its own, it left in its wake a pile of sewerage. The muddy area where one could already not take a stroll is now reeking.

Korangi Fishery

And who will talk about the under-privileged? Near Korangi Fishery, around 200 people have become homeless, and the water has restricted them to small patches of land.

On 1st September, though, the cleaning works have begun. While the city is underwater, CBC has started cleaning the signboards…

Even Graveyards…

But what can we do or say when even our dead are not peaceful. A scene from a graveyard shows the destruction that Karachi Rains have caused.

PM Imran Khan tweeted his support for the Karaciites. He said:

“My govt is fully cognizant of the suffering of our people in the wake of the heavy rains, especially the people of Karachi. I am personally monitoring the relief & rescue operations & am in constant contact with Chairman NDMA & Governor Sindh for regular updates.”

Hopefully, now that the signboards are clearing up, the water from the rest of Karachi will follow suit. But we need to remember draining water is not the only issue. After that, the sewerage that has traveled with water it also needs cleaning up. The overall maintenance is the need of today so that the next rainy season will be a blessing and not a curse.

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