700 feeders trip in Karachi rain
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Whenever it pours in Karachi, there is one wish that is on the minds of every citizen; “Please don’t let it rain for too long’. Where there is rain, there also comes a plethora of issues like urban flooding, load shedding as well as other traffic issues. People are unable to reach home from their offices if it has been raining for the whole day. In many areas, it barely rains for more than half an hour and suddenly, there is no electricity.

Just two days ago, Karachi experienced one of its few winter rainfalls and it was quite heavier than most that the city experienced last year. Yes, the rain fell like a downpour and it poured for hours on end. In fact, it started the day prior at night and continued throughout the day. While it did leave a pleasant weather for people to enjoy, it also left 700 tripped feeders in its wake.

Did Karachi Citizens Get Help?

700 power feeders tripping is no small thing. A single feeder powers quite a lot and to have 700 of them tripped means that multiple areas are down. It rained for only a few hours and so much of the city electrical infrastructure went down? Not only that, but it could not even be turned on immediately. The authorities responsible were not seen anywhere, there was not a hint of help for the people of Karachi.

If the feeders are tripped, then the first priority of the authorities is to make sure that the area is clear of any water. The feeders cannot be turned back on until and unless the area is safe to turn on, and there are no safety measures in place. Roads with impractical drainage designs or no drainage causes flooding and eventually, electricity shutdown. Turning the feeders back on is one thing, but there were no authorities out there that were working to clear the water.

rain in Karachi and other issues by rain
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The City Feels A Lot

It is true that Karachi always feel the blunt end of any situation when it comes to rain or any natural disaster. We believe that the respective authorities must work harder to have counter measures in place. There is no excuse for the damage that the rain causes here in Karachi, and the rain is not at fault here. It is up to us to have a sustaining and practical infrastructure for the rain itself.

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