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Karachi, home to hundreds of thousands of citizens and popularly called ‘The City Of Lights’, is no longer what it used to be.

On Thursday, 27th August, Karachiites witnessed the worst weather system the city had ever seen in years. The heavy rain spells and lightning continued to pour down, and soon, the town found itself stuck in a horrible situation.

Unlike international standards where drainage systems are used to clear roads and surrounding areas of rainwater, the clogged sewage systems in Karachi encouraged rainwater to flood the streets, causing hundreds of cars, bikes, and even people to drown.

The neck-deep water caused not only massive damages to transport and people but also caused enormous havoc for businesses that had to remain shut for days.

Furious to see the current condition of their beautiful city, now turned into a waste dump as litter and waste-filled the streets, the residents of Karachi took it to social media to express their anger and to call out the Sindh government for a failed system.

karachi rain
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“Why should we pay taxes when we have to look after draining out water from our homes and streets. When there is no electricity and no clean water.” Tweeted an angry resident.

While another user, through a video showing the current situation in front of the Governor House 4 days after the rain spell, he tweeted, “4 din baad bhi governor house road ka ye haal ha. Red zone ka ye haal haa. Just imagine (even after four days, this is the condition of the Governor House Road. This is the condition of a red-zone. imagine)”

While others have called to make Karachi a separate province to rid the city of corruption and negligence.

I am Sindhi, and I want a separate province/unit to save #Karachi from corrupt oligarchies.” Tweets Ammad.

Day 5 into the urban flooding and yet, roads are filled with gushing water, electricity is, however, to be restored, several have died by either drowning or electrical incidents, many are still missing, work and businesses are suffering from internet outages and goods worths millions have perished because of the rainwater.

With frustration and anger in their hearts, Karachiites ask the Sindh government, what’s next?

When will Karachi be treated as a financial hub? When will politicians finally recognize the city as an essential contributor towards the country, when will the suffering come to an end? When will corruption lose the battle citizens are fighting against every day? When will Sindh see a competent government instead of one that is making excuses?

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