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Karachi, the bustling coastal city on the Arabian Sea, has secured a commendable position as the fourth least-expensive city to reside in, as revealed by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) latest Worldwide Cost of Living survey for 2023. This recognition in affordability emerges amidst the backdrop of a shifting global economic landscape, making Karachi an attractive prospect for both residents and investors seeking cost-effective living solutions.

Global Trends

The EIU’s rigorous assessment process spanned 173 cities, examining over 400 price points encompassing various products and services. Karachi secured the 170th position, surpassing cities like Tripoli, Tehran, and Damascus in affordability. This ranking underscores the city’s favorable cost of living, a factor increasingly vital in today’s economic realities.

Karachi ranked amongst top five cheapest cities to live in the world

While Singapore retained its status as the world’s most expensive city for the majority of the past decade, Karachi’s positioning offers a stark contrast. The survey, conducted between August and September 2023, highlighted a global trend of a 7.4% average price surge across major cities, marginally slower than the previous year. Karachi, however, stood resilient in maintaining its cost-effective status amid global economic fluctuations.

Insights from the Survey

The survey’s insights shed light on the changing dynamics impacting cost-of-living indices globally. North American cities witnessed a decline in rankings, while Western Europe dominated the top ten expensive cities due to inflationary pressures on groceries and clothing, compounded by currency appreciation. Groceries experienced rapid price surges due to global food inflation, emphasizing the impact of supply-chain disruptions and climatic uncertainties on consumer costs.

Interestingly, contrasting reports earlier this year had labeled Karachi unfavorably in terms of overall livability, ranking it as the fifth least-desirable city according to The Livability Index 2023, also published by the EIU. This divergence underscores the multifaceted nature of city evaluations, encompassing aspects beyond cost, such as healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure.

Changing Dynamics Impacting Cost-of-Living Indices

Karachi’s resilience in affordability amidst fluctuations in global economic indices serves as a testament to its unique position. The city continues to attract attention for its cost-effective living environment despite challenges faced in other livability aspects. Moreover, its strategic location as a commercial hub and cultural melting pot further accentuates its appeal as an affordable urban center ripe with opportunities.

Karachi among top 10 cheapest cities in the world - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
Source: Dawn

In conclusion, Karachi’s standing as the fourth least-expensive city highlights its potential as an affordable haven in an increasingly costly world. While varied assessments provide diverse perspectives, this recognition underscores the city’s enduring position as an economical yet vibrant metropolis with both locals and global citizens seeking an affordable, dynamic lifestyle.

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