monsoon rain
Image Source: Pakistan Today

Rains in Karachi last year were an absolute disaster for the residents of the city. The city sunk for some time and the people, rich and poor alike, were homeless as water flooded the houses. Had the NGO’s not been as active as they were, we would have lost the city. The government, then, promised to invest in the water system to ensure that Karachi does not flood in the Monsoon rain of 2021.

Karachi and the Monsoon rain

Unsure of how much work, if any, had been done, Karachiites were already a bit apprehensive about the rains. We hoped that the drainage system was better now because of our excitement for rain. But there was also fear due to the uncertainty of what the future of the city would look like. And unfortunately, our fear was rightly placed.

When the Monsoon rain of 2021 hit Karachi today in the early hours of the 12th of July, it affected Karachi badly. With only a bit of rain, Karachi started wavering.

Images and video were pouring in documenting the rain conditions all around the city. Be it DHA Phase 4, Phase 6, Mausamiyat, or Shahrah e Faisal, water was everywhere.

Whom should one hold accountable?

This is a question that the general public wants to ask the government but they cannot. They cannot do so because they are baffled at them lamenting about how the Met department forecasted the rains wrong.

Sindh Minister for Local Government, Housing, Town Planning and Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah:

“Traditionally, the Met department informs the provincial government and the relevant departments.”


If you could not rectify a situation in an entire year, how could you have dealt with it in 2, 3, or at most, 24 hours?

Last year, after rains hit Karachi, Minister for Information Senator Shibli Faraz said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah of maximum assistance to deal with the disaster. Moreover, the PM also said that the three main issues that he has discovered in Karachi are: Cleaning the city’s stormwater drains once and for all; permanent solution to city’s solid waste disposal; Resolving the critical issue of water supply.

Since it was all in the plans, shouldn’t the matter be solved already instead of Syed Nasir Hussain Shah crying now?

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