Karachi Circular Railway
Image Source: UrduPoint

The resumption of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) was in the talks for some time. But having paused for ages, there had been numerous illegal settlements on its path. So before restarting the service, it was essential to clear out the logistics for it. However, now the action is being implemented on what was just the idea. And we know this because Pakistan Railways announced it on Thursday.

From Orangi to City Station

They said that on the directive of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, they would soon revive KCR from Orangi Town to City Station. Muhammad Hanif Gul, the new divisional superintendent of Karachi, visited the 14-kilometer circular railway track, and that marks the progress of the project.

Overseeing the removal of illegal settlements and encroachments, and rehabilitation of the tracks, the superintendent said:

“The KCR commuter service would be extended from City to Orangi stations.”

Gul got the brief of the project from the Project Director KCR Ameer Mohammad Daudpota. It is expected that once the track connects with KCR’s operational route, it will be a major achievement in the goal of reviving the local train service.

Karachi Circular Railway

KCR line spreads over 29.41 km including the 13.69 km track of Pakistan Railway that extends from the City Station to Drigh Road Station.

Since it is a major project, KCR was only partially made operational last year in November, from Pipri for freight operations. But the work continued on the rest of the track and it is said the entire track, all the way to City Station will be operational. This will come as a piece of good news for many who have to persevere Karachi’s disastrous traffic every day.

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