Kanye West & Jeffree Star’s ‘Romantic’ Relationship Rumors

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Image Source: Gossipcon.com

If you know of the Kardashians, there is no chance you would not know Kanye West. Well, West was in the news for being in the process of divorcing Kim Kardashian. Having seen the riches of Kim, it is not unimaginable that Kim could have gotten bored with Kanye or that Kanye just decided not to entertain his wife’s dramedies.


It was reported that they were divorcing but, and here comes the scoop, the reason, as Twitter reported, was Kanye cheating on Kim with none other than Jeffree Star. The whole Twitter blew up at this!

And it was expected considering the people in question were Kanye West and the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics himself. While their managers have not responded, Jeffree tweet a selfie picture saying, “I’m ready for the Sunday Service.” This was a reference to Kanye’s famous Sunday gatherings.

Jeffree is known to make fun of such baseless rumors.

Twitter Reaction


The reality behind the trending “news.”

After some digging, it was found out that Twitter got to know of it through TikTok. And on Tiktok, it all started from a Tiktoker named Ava Louise. Now, how accurate could be someone’s conveyed news if she licks toilet seats for her TikTok challenge.

But she mentions that she is friends with an industry lawyer, and that’s how she got to know of the evidence that Kanye was having an affair with Jeffree.

Wait. Hold on a second; no lawyer would give up client secrets. And if he/she really did, they should be disbarred.

So as it turns out, the news has no weight. And it was just a stunt to get more views. In fact, people are speculating that Kanye and Jeffree may never have met.

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