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Famous TikTok star, Kanwal Aftab, slams back at false allegations of being married to Shamsher Bhatti from Lahore back in 2017. She has been sued for ten crores.

The man in question is also a TikTok star and claims that he has gotten married to Kanwal Aftab, and now that she’s famous, she’s not accepting it anymore. Therefore he is allegedly suing her.

The alleged husband has gone coo-coo on social media. We have witnessed several videos on Tiktok of the man with his lawyers, who are also claiming that Kanwal got married to Shamsher Bhatti back in 2017.

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However, Kanwal herself has denied any claims made by the said party that she never got married and has single-handedly dismissed the drama on her Instagram. The lawyer further said in the video that their client had sent a legal notice to Kanwal.

Fans think it might be possible that Shamsher Bhatti is pulling out this act together to gain popularity, and that is precisely what is happening.  Shamsher has received his share of attention with the claims that he has made on social media.

You can check out Shamsher’s Tiktok here for more videos on the matter.

@shamsherbhatti123##duet ##viralvideo ##foryoupage ##foforyoupage ##kashmirgroup @nabeelakram189 @shamsherbhatti324 @chachapakistani♬ original sound – shamsherbhatti123

Who is Kanwal Aftab? 

For those of you, who do not know about Kanwal, she has climbed the ladder of success quickly by working for digital mediums such as YouTube, Tiktok, etc.

Kanwal rejoices almost 6 million subscribers on the Chinese app, TikTok, which makes her one of the most followed TikTok celebrities in Pakistan.

Kanwal is also a well-known YouTuber

She has been applauded for her acting skills by many too!

So many talented people have made their way to TikTok and earned a following for themselves. Someday, we might as well see Kanwal on a bigger screen.

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