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If there is anything consistent we have seen about the Akmal Brothers other than their performance, it is their potential to get viral without trying. They have the potential to get into the news for doing ordinary things, and this time is no different.

Image Source: Youtube

What Is It About The Workout Video That Has Made Everyone Concerned?

Recently, the well-known wicket-keeper and batsman Kamran Akmal took to Twitter and posted a video of him training, which got a lot of reaction.

After he posted the video, many Pakistanis expressed their opinion on how he was being trained. Many asked if the gym ran out of weighting equipment and whether lifting the trainer up was necessary? Many people also expressed how unsafe it could be for his health, and it is not the best way to workout.

What was meant to be posted as a fitness motivation turned out to be a point of criticism for Kamran Akmal, making his list of getting into the news for stuff that is not cricket even longer?

This is not the first time we have seen the video of the cricketer being posted online. There are numerous videos of him working out online.

A few years back, Kamran Akmal went viral after the famous actor and a fellow public figure who is likely to run into controversies every once in a while, Yasir Hussain made fun of Kamran Akmal.

Kamran Akmal And His Career With The Pakistan Cricket Team:

Despite all the criticism, Kamran Akmal is one of the most well-known cricketers of Pakistan and holds records worthy of praise. On his birthday, many fans posted his memorable innings and performance stats that really make you wonder if he is one of the cricketers who did not receive the praise that they actually deserved.

Despite all the praise, the cricketer took to Twitter a few days back and expressed his grievances about how the Pakistan Cricket Board has treated him. He expressed that he has been mistreated and rests his case to Allah. He also expressed that he was shocked and disappointed with the treatment he has been receiving as a senior player.

What do you think about Kamran Akmal’s grievances and the way he has been treated? Do you think he has been mistreated? Are his grievances with the Pakistani Cricket Board valid?

Let us know under the comments.

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