Former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal has recently opened up about a heated exchange he had with Harbhajan Singh following the World Championship of Legends 2024 game on the weekend.

Addressing the ‘Babar Azam’ Controversy

Kamran Akmal discussed Harbhajan’s comments about Babar Azam, highlighting the importance of mutual respect among cricketers.

“We spoke about him [Harbhajan] making fun of Babar Azam. I admit the class of Babar and Brian Lara don’t match and there is no point making comparisons, but as cricketers, we shouldn’t be making fun of each other,” Akmal stated.

A video clip of Harbhajan Singh went viral on social media, where the former Indian spinner reacted humorously to a comparison between Pakistan’s Babar Azam and West Indies legend Brian Lara.


In the clip, Harbhajan initially chose Lara over Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara. However, when asked to pick between Lara and Babar, Harbhajan burst into laughter, unable to contain himself, and his co-host Sreesanth joined in.

Harbhajan Singh Apologizes

Akmal revealed that Harbhajan admitted his mistake and agreed that mocking Babar was unnecessary. “So I talked about it, and he (Harbhajan) also agreed that it shouldn’t have happened from his side either,” Akmal added.

Akmal also shared that he had also apologized to Harbhajan for comments made a month ago. The remarks were related to Arshdeep Singh’s religion, which led to criticism from Harbhajan. “I made a mistake and that’s what I spoke about to him. I never meant to or would never think of hurting a religion,” Akmal explained.

The conversation between the two former cricketers signifies a step towards resolving misunderstandings and promoting respect in the cricketing community.

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