juda na hona

TV One’s latest serial ‘Juda Na Hona’ has created quite a buzz in the industry, starring the power-packed duo of Mansha Pasha and Shahroz Sabzwari in the lead.

From the first glimpse, it seemed that the drama was yet another love story. However, we were left in awe as its pilot episode revealed traditional villains and intense suspense in terms of script, acting, storyline, and direction.

The gorgeous Mansha Pasha as Samaha stole the spotlight in the first episode. Her character is that of an outspoken girl and acts rebellious against the conservative nature of her father played by Firdous Jamal.

Samaha dreams of marrying a rich handsome lad who will take her far away from her boring life one day.

On the other hand, her younger sister Sania is a shy girl with reserved nature and she’s really afraid of their father’s short temper.

Firdous Jamal as Abdul Manan did an impeccable job throughout the episode portraying his chauvinist character.

Even though his daughters go to university, he doesn’t really appreciate it.

Humera Bano is playing Firdous Jamal’s wife, whose character is relatable to the majority of women living in our society in male-dominated households. She works hard to diffuse the tension in the house and asks her daughters to be more cautious when their father is around.

Abdul Mannan is looking for a suitable match for Samaha. However, when Samaha finds it out, she loses her temper and clearly tells her mother that she won’t marry someone like her father.

Taking us to another side of the society where lives Sudais (Shahroz Sabzwari), a handsome spoilt lad and also, Samaha’s university mate.

Sudais rarely attends any class but considering his parent’s contributions to the university’s funds, he doesn’t care at all. Sudais has resilient nature and he is also not quite respectful towards his mother Sofia (Tara Mehmood).

Sofia’s relationship with her husband Noman (Aly Khan) was also shown to be a bit complicated as he blames her for neglecting their children and giving more time to her work and social life.

We were also introduced to Sudais’ little sister (Sonia Nazir) who also studies in the same university and is self-centered.

She taunts Samaha over her dressing which has soured the relationship between the two.

Samaha has a  crush on Sudais as she adores his lavish lifestyle. Sudais also seemed a bit interested in Samaha but he is smart at hiding his emotions.

Let’s see how these two are going to make their own fairy-tale which seems to be surrounded already with so many old-fashioned villains.

The overall episode was impactful and all the actors especially Mansha Pasha, Shahroz Sabzwari, and Firdous Jamal, kept us hooked to the screens for the entire time.

Seema Munaf has written the story with characters that can easily be found in our society, hence, making it more relatable. It looks like the drama will also focus more on the class difference in our society in the coming episodes.

Watch the promo for episode 2 below!