Maria B’s recent take on fashion shows has been called hypocritical by a journalist. A recent video filmed by Maria B calling out fashion shows and models who dress in the immodest way went viral on social media. In the clip, Maria B was seen calling out the fashion houses for propagating against women and ruining their sanctuary by making them dress in a certain way for fashion shows.

As B called out these fashion houses, she further urged the women to don’t fall for traps in the name of fashion. She further highlighted the issue by calling our lgbtq for spreading propaganda which doesn’t sit well with the Pakistani ideologies.

The Video Exposing Maria B.

While the fashion designer might have filmed the video without giving it any thought, her hypocritical attitude has been called out by an acclaimed doctor and before we go into the details, check out this video below.

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Calling out Maria B a hypocrite, Dr Affan noted that while Maria B is quick to call out others, what she has been doing is entirely different from what she preaches to her audience in Pakistan. While she is calling out the fashion shows in Pakistan, the same designer doesn’t bat an eye at foreign fashion shows where women are made to wear revealing clothes.

He further noted the designer’s efforts to spread awareness on the Palestinian matter, however, failed to raise her voice on subjective issues in Pakistan. While discussing the matter, Dr Affan further added, that in Pakistan every other person is Maria B. as people here have forgotten to match their words with their actions, be it politicians or government or private sectors.

What are your thoughts on his claims against Maria B.? Let us know what you think about the designer’s claims in the video below.

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