It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s a massive 6!

Cricket fever has taken over the country as Pakistan Super League’s third edition has bowled over the nation.

Taking this junoon and jazba up a notch, JS Bank has launched a savvy mobile application called JS Apni Cricket League with its #ApniToNikalParri campaign.

The fastest growing financial powerhouse in the nation has raised the game by rolling out a ground-breaking application that is giving Pakistanis a chance to win exuberant prizes this PSL season.

How exciting does this sound? Celebrating the passion of Pakistanis for cricket, the app is enabling enthusiasts to unleash their inner cricket superhero and be the owner of their own cricket league.

Gamers can download the application from Google Play Store by simply clicking here. The app already has 100,000+ users and is listed as possibly the fastest growing/downloaded digital application ever in Pakistan!

Once you have downloaded the application, register with your Google or Facebook account and then sign up.

After you login, you will be re-directed to an interface which will allow you to build your own fantasy cricket team with your friends. You compete with other teams for a chance to win some amazing goodies!


Like other applications and games, the JS application allows players to use boosters which can be purchased in-app via JCash digital transaction facility.


Customers can use the JCash wallet for various transfers including purchasing boosters for the JS Apni Cricket League mobile game, not to forget over-the-counter fund transfers, withdrawing money from their accounts through a network of over 30,000 retailers, pay bills online, mobile top-ups and what not.


The #ApniToNikalParri campaign is offering an extravaganza of rewards. Users can win an iPhone X, Nokia 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, trips to Turkey, LED TVs, PSL final passes and much more!

But the biggest catch of them all is the magnificent beauty, Audi A3! 

Now that’s worth playing for!

Already out and about with their enthusiastic activities nationwide, many prizes have been given out including smartphones and LEDs, whereas on-ground activities are still on the go.

JS Bank is also arranging fun-filled concerts and stand-up comedy shows in universities nationwide with performances by people such as Junaid Akram. University students will get free of cost access to these events by just downloading the application from the play store.

So cricket crazies, hurry up and download the app right away. You need not visit any game show to make your dreams come true. JS Bank is providing you all just with a single click.