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The problem with our society is that we are very perceptive and reactionary. What that means is that when we look at something, we form our own perception of it and then react without delving into the root cause of it. A similar occurrence took place on Twitter yesterday concerning Jemima Goldsmith, Imran Khan, and the Pakistanis.

PM Imran Khan and the telephonic conversation

Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated an interesting idea where he talks to the general public through telephone. This way, the masses have the opportunity of being listened to. Amongst those conversations was a telephone call where he gave an answer. The answer got misconstrued and consequently, it spread like wildfire.

What he had referred to in his answer was the vulgarity shown in the media that was leading to frustration within the public and that is why, he said, criminal activities were increasing. This is to note that he did not say anything about hijab or “pardah” of a woman because he also referred to the decades-old British TV content and, well, Britain could not have hijabi women on TV decades ago, could they?

Jemima Reacts

Taken out of context, a mistranslation of the speech went viral where people assumed that the PM was commenting on women’s dressing. And Jemima, too, responded to that without going into the details of what had really happened.

She said that the Imran she knew would never say such a thing. She also quoted a verse from the Quran saying that the Book asks men to practice ‘pardah’ of eyes.

And that was it! Without research, Pakistanis reacted to the tweet. They talked about how women should practice pardah and started quoting different verses from the Holy Quran.

And it was not just the people reacting against Jemima. There were some who took this misquote as a reality as well because they ‘thought’ this must have been what happened given the past events.

Fewer in number but there were people who tried to correct this misinformation.

But we know that those spreading misinformation would always get more eyeballs.

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