Indian’s renowned poet and screenwriter, Javed Akhtar is known for his animosity against Pakistan. Time and again, he has snubbed our celebrities and is a strong supporter of the ban on Pakistani stars in Bollywood.

His various tweets against Pakistan have often landed him in trouble. Now yet again, Akhtar has found himself in the eye of a social media storm after he expressed his views on Jinnah’s portrait in the Aligarh University of India.

The lyricist claims that its a shame that Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait is hung on the walls of the institute since he was neither a student of Aligarh University nor a teacher.

Here’s what he updated on Twitter:

What’s more, Javed enunciated that Jinnah’s portrait should be removed by the administration and student.

His post also mentioned ‘Nathuram Godse‘, the advocate of Hindu nationalism who assassinated Gandhi in 1948.

Akhtar’s contentious tweet was bound to spark a new debate and Pakistanis are outraged over his views.

His followers are slamming him for mentioning Godse and Pakistan’s founder in the same tweet!

Even Indians are bashing him for comparing the killer Godse with Jinnah.

However, a follower added that Jinnah has contributed a lot to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

It is noteworthy that Javed Akhtar’s tweet is followed by the violence episode at AMU over Jinnah’s portrait

Apparently, his canvas went missing after the university received threats by a  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker.

According to India times, the portrait was nowhere to be found, sending the student into a frenzy, with no reports as to who could have taken the portrait.

Javed Akhtar is the first Bollywood celebrity to share his two cents on the matters, asserting that Jinnah’s picture does not deserve a place in the university’s premises.

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