MG HS EV and karachi event
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The world of automotive is seeing developments far beyond what we could have imagined. People are lining up to see one of the greatest revolutions in automobile history. The electric era is upon us and everyone wants to be a part of it. Whether you are an electric fan or not, you still want to be a part of this. In light of this, Javed Afridi has just uploaded highlights of an event.

If you follow Javed Afridi on social media, you must be aware of his recent works. He is currently one of the leading people behind the MG vehicle brand in Pakistan. You can often notice him working on various aspects of MG vehicles. The MG HS has been one of the most popular vehicles recently. It has gathered quite a following, considering it’s quite new in Pakistan. Now, Javed Afridi has tweeted the highlights of an event held in Karachi.

Javed Afridi And MG HS EV

While the letters seem like a lot, the vehicle itself is quite impressive. This is the electric variant of the combustion engine MG HS. An event was held in Karachi at the Omni Kart Circuit. At the event, test drives were done on a particular vehicle. This vehicle was the MG HS EV. Yes, the vehicle has finally landed in Karachi and has caused quite a rift too.

With the event being held, MG HS EV also got a lot of feedback. A lot of people were seen test driving the vehicle and the event seemed like quite a lively one. Whether you are a fan of MG or not, you would still want to sit in the car and drive it. People claimed that the drive itself was something entirely different. Since the car is electric, there is nearly no sound in it to drive the neighbourhood mad. The world really is moving ahead with electric cars.

MG Event

The event Day 1 highlight was posted by Javed Afridi, as you can see above. It turned out to be quite a success because a lot of people are awaiting the new electric vehicle. The price is expected to be around Rs.6 Million, which is quite affordable if one sees it as an electric vehicle. There are vehicles, in the electric domain, that are much more expensive. However, the amount is still a hefty one and a calculated investment.

We hope to see more and more updates as the story unfolds. MG is certainly a brand that is determined to make a mark in Pakistan’s industry. The vehicles are impressive and people want to buy them. We are entering a new era of clean energy. Let us hope that the country has even more vehicles enter into it soon.

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