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Known for much more, Javed Afridi is currently going viral for responding to a girl on Twitter who was tweeting about her experience with Haier. The girl accused the brand of gender discrimination amongst its customers. According to her account, she went to someone that she assumed to be a representative of the company who said that she would not be able to buy a product on instalments because she is a woman.

Alleged gender discrimination

The netizen complained that she finally felt stable in her life with a job, accommodation, and utility bills. But of course, to afford home appliances at a 100% payment is not possible in a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. This is why she approached the store for instalment based purchase.

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She ended her complaint with how she feels upset at only men being able to buy kitchen appliances in installments when it is the women having the kitchen responsibilities.

CEO Haier Pakistan denies allegations

CEO of Haier, Javed Afridi responded to the tweet and categorically denied the allegations. He said that the company does not have any such policy of not releasing products to women. And that is a secondary topic because the company does not even have an installment facility for the consumers. Hence, even if it was a man asking to buy a fridge in installments, the company will outright refuse the potential customer. It must come from the fact that given the facility of installments, numerous Pakistanis will avail it but never pay up.

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Javed Afridi stated the facts that would let people know how Haier would not do such a thing. But the Twitter world had two differing opinions on the statement. There were some who pointed out that they did not like the CEO of Haier’s tone. They said that the tone was not consumer-friendly. In fact, if a customer was sharing an experience, even if Haier does not have such a policy, the company should follow up on who is degrading the brand’s name.

But some jumped up to defend the brand’s CEO as well. They clarified that there was nothing wrong with the tone of Javed Afridi. They said that he was basically stating the rules the organization works with. Neither was he disrespectful and nor was his company discriminating against any gender.

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