Subaru Developing new motorcycle
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If we take a look at individual inventions, it would be quite interesting to see the world. In each era, there have been people who have put their minds to their best. They have tried to make a contribution to the world and they have come up with amazing results. Now, in automobiles, Subaru seems to be coming up with another new invention. Yes, they have a new motorcycle under development.

The world of automotive is seeing more and more development every day. We may just be nearing a future that has been depicted in ‘Tron’ or ‘Back to the future II’. It is one thing to see an electric car on the road, but it is another thing to see a flying car. Now, we may not have reached as far as flight in terms of cars, but recent news tells us that we may be getting there. It is something that we may not have seen in real life but have heard of it before.

Subaru motorcycle and flying one
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Subaru is setting standards:

When the roadster came out in 2008, people did not quite grasp what Tesla was up to. Now, we understand that this is a company hell bent on paving the way to the future. Similarly, Subaru is joining this race. They have had an impressive run, since their advent, and continue to manufacture capable vehicles. If you pass by a Subaru on the street, you cannot help but glance at that logo on the front. Subaru BRZ is one of the best vehicles to have ever crossed the hands of the public. It was featured in numerous drag races and it performed quite well.

Now, it seems that Subaru is moving towards the future with a huge bound. Yes, they are working on a new motorcycle, as we have already mentioned. However, the special part about this is that it is going to be a flying motorcycle! Is that not a news fit for the history books. Up until now, we have seen BMW make advancements in the motorcycle domain. Now it seems that Subaru has stepped up their game yet again.

Subaru and plans for flying motorcycle
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The flying motorcycle:

The Japanese company has recently filed a patent for the research and development of a flying motorcycle. Now this motorcycle will have functionality similar to either a helicopter or an airplane. While the patent application was revealed on April fool’s day, it is definitely no joke. Subaru really is going to go through with this motorcycle!

It seems that the vehicle is going to have a vertical takeoff and landing capabilities (VTOL). It might be something similar to what we have heard and seen from hydra planes. What is more interesting is that this motorcycle is not going to be powered by all electricity. Rather, it is going to run on an internal combustion engine!

We hope that the company continues to rise through the ranks and makes more similar inventions. You never know what comes after flying motorcycles.

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