tokyo airport flight collision
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According to latest news, a plane collision has just occurred, leaving a crater of destruction in its wake. We bring you news as it develops on the most recent accident that has occurred at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. A Japan Airlines plane, flight 516, burst into flames upon landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport after colliding with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft involved in earthquake relief efforts.

This is quite the dire piece of news as relief authorities are rushing to the scene to help those in need. All passengers and crew members, including eight children under two years old, on the Japanese Airline flight were safely evacuated. However, the scenes were not the same for the relief aircraft. Five out of six people on the other plane were reported killed.

a plane collided with another one at Tokyo airport
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Tokyo Airport Collision

The incident occurred after the Japanese Airline flight arrived from Sapporo, and the second aircraft, operated by the Japan Coast Guard, was heading from Haneda to Niigata prefecture for earthquake relief efforts. Due to issues with visibility, the planes were not seen approaching near to each other until the very last minute.

Video footage showed the Japanese Airline plane engulfed in flames on the runway, with passengers using emergency slides to escape as firefighters attempted to control the fire. It was a scene of utter chaos as people were trying their best to evacuate and rush to safety before anything related to the fuselage took place.

An Ongoing Investigation

Japan Airlines is investigating the details and cause of the plane fire, and the tragic incident is still developing. We have yet to understand how this happened but the black box of the plane will be able to reveal quite a lot of details. Additionally, we have yet to hear statements from the respective pilots themselves.

We will update you as more develops on this story.

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