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Palestinians have been suffering at the hands of Israel for ages now but no barriers war started 11 days ago. In this war, the Zionist government of Israel had bombarded the only covid lab in Palestine; killed the only medical head in the fight against covid; and destroyed the only road leading to a hospital. In this fight, numerous kids were also killed.

Israeli oppression

But using the word war is wrong because it implies equal use of power against each other. While Israel was using its army and its rockets against Palestine, the latter did not have either. For this reason, Hamas was retaliating in their stead. While almost 213 civilians died in Palestine, 2 died in Israel. Not to mention, Israel had also destroyed Al-Jazeera headquarters in Palestine, the only media source giving the Palestinian side of the story to the world. It would have meant that Israel would monopolize the narrative. However, with the power of social media and the Palestinians urging the world, people around the world heard their plight.

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Social Media on Israel and Gaza

With social media erupting on Israel hostilities, showing people rallying for Palestine, something that we had hoped for, happened.

Governments of numerous countries were forced to acknowledge these happenings. And while the UN would not take action, Egypt decided to be responsible and broker a ceasefire. Today, at 2 am, the ceasefire was officially imposed. Palestine rejoiced at the news, and Hamas has taken it as a sign of victory in this 11-day long conflict.

Reactions on ceasefire


Pakistan welcomed the news of the ceasefire and has even announced the day as Palestine Solidarity Day.

Egypt on Ceasefire

United Nations

United Kingdom

Netizens on ceasefire

This is not a long-term solution. Israel has violated so many UN laws already so it can violate the ceasefire at any time as well. But for now, we can celebrate what little peace Palestine has gotten.

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