#IsMay ab Kia Hai? The mystery box that got us curious last year, came back this year.

Last year the box was filled with a lot of exciting stuff with the major the announcement of Shopping Day, first Pakistani e-commerce event which was held just a week prior to Ramzan.

This year the box which was bigger in size came with a twist. Filled
with daily life items that are a luxury for more than 150 million Pakistanis and a message of helping people in need, the #IsMay box is all about delivering change!


The contents of the box have been sent to everyone in pairs; one for you and the other for
someone that might need it more than you. In line with the spirit of Ramzan, the #IsMay
the initiative encourages thousands of recipients of the box to Deliver Change for those in need.

Brands that participated in the box with their insertions included L’Oréal, Garnier,
Maybelline, Elmore, WB Hemani, Shield, Krone, Batik, Kapray, GSK, Mayfair, Teazuro,
ZeroMoss, Studio by TCS, All my Tech, Bogo, Find my adventure, Symbios. The box is a
hope for NGOs including TCF and Saylani Welfare.

The effort to deliver change is not just limited to the contents of the box, but instead, the box itself is a tool for change. TCS & Yayvo invites everyone to fill their box with clothes, toys, stationery, books, shoes and drop it off at the nearest TCS Express Centre. In turn, Yayvo will donate the contents to Saylani trust, thus helping you Deliver change with ease and convenience.

What hasn’t changed from last year though is Yayvo Shopping Day! Pakistan’s very own
shopping event happening just a week prior to the shopping season of Ramzan. Unlike the
usual price hikes of Ramzan, Shopping Day allows everyone to shop for all they want from the comfort of their homes with discounts up 75%.

The sale will include grocery, lifestyle products, accessories, fashion items, and gadgets. This year Yayvo Shopping Day starts from fourth of May because ab #RahaNaJae.