The Centaurus Mall Islamabad,  has much to offer from a full-fledged food court to cinema, and many brands to shop from.

However, a recently shared image has raised many concerns for the residents and visitors both. Apparently, the mall charges entry ticket of Rs 500! Not to forget this amount is not adjustable nor refundable.

This was pointed out by Awais Ahmad Khan and was widely shared on different Facebook groups and other platforms. Just 2 years ago when the mall was first open to the public, the ticket price was set at Rs 100 whereas now it has surged 5 times!

We got in touch with the mall to find out the reason behind this entry coupon and what is the criteria. According to Mr. Sharjeel, the Deputy Manager of Operations, the coupon is for single males who visit the mall and it has been placed for the convenience of families and ladies.

However, now the question arises, why does a male need to pay Rs 500 extra if he wants to hang out with his friends, have a good time, enjoy the weekend, watch a movie and do a bit of shopping?

Secondly, if this coupon is to encourage families then what about men who accompany their families yet they harass females by ogling at them or by passing inappropriate comments?

What about men who are not accompanied by female members? Are they not accounted as a family despite being blood related?

Does the definition of ‘family’ get restricted to having any female company? In such cases, the female can be anyone from being a friend to being a stranger who pretends to be a part of the group.

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Shopping malls are for the public’s entertainment, then why discriminate? This initiative by the mall has left us with many unanswered questions. We are still awaiting a representative to get back in touch with us.

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