Islamabad United, the inaugural champions of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), recently found themselves under hot waters after they unveiled their new jerseys for the upcoming tournament.

With much fanfare, Islamabad United introduced three distinct kits on their social media platforms: the Red Hot Original, Red Hot – Alternate (away kit), and Red Hot – Bold (training kit), igniting excitement among their legion of fans worldwide.

However, the jersey reveal wasn’t without its share of controversy. Some eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed striking similarities between Islamabad United’s designs and football kits, sparking accusations of imitation.

The “Red Hot – Alternate” jersey bore a resemblance to the attire of the German football club RB Leipzig, prompting fans to raise eyebrows at the uncanny likeness.

Similarly, critiques pointed out the striking semblance between Islamabad United’s “Red Hot – Bold” jersey and the iconic Paris Saint-Germain kit, designed by a young artist.

Meanwhile, the “Red Hot – Original” jersey was found to be copied from the England cricket team’s old jersey.

The accusations of copying stirred up a storm on social media platforms, with fans expressing mixed reactions to the new jerseys.

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