Islamabad To Introduce Electric Train In Upcoming Safari Park

electric train
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Islamabad zoo was established in 1978, but recently, it has gathered several people’s attention. And it has not been getting the positive attention one seeks, rather it has all been quite negative. Amidst animals dying, the poor condition they are kept in, or being taken away from the zoo to better countries and better places, the Zoo has finally had something good to look up to. The authorities are planning to install electric trains at the zoo.

electric train
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Islamabad Zoo/Wildlife Safari Park

The zoo that previously housed Suzie and Kaavan is now going to get its own Wildlife Safari Park. This will become one of the tourist attractions built under the idea of a pollution-free amusement park. This is an initiative by the Ministry of Climate Change. In talks with a publication, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change discussed wildlife conservation and information center. The main goal, according to SAPM Malik Amin Aslam, was to spread public awareness on local flora and fauna.

And even without many animals that have been shipped away, the 10 hectares of land is home to many species that the tourists can learn more about. So these indigenous species will be protected in the conservation center.

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This is a landmark news because, in 2018, 30 animals died in Pakistan when the new zoo in Peshawar opened.

Now that all the animals of the Islamabad Zoo have left and it has been closed for the public as well as the officials, the work to change it into an amusement park will officially start soon with an electric train taking tourists around the 10 hectares, probably more, of the land expanse. This will hopefully lead to a positive impact on the tourism industry of the country.

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