Islamabad metro gone and now what
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There are times when the people of Pakistan feel hopeful at seeing some form of development in the country. When Uber and Careem were first introduced in Pakistan, it was like a change of pace for the people. They did not have to spend time arguing with taxi and Rickshaw drivers to set a common fare. However, with time, we did see rises and declines of Careem, and now Bykea and inDrive lead the charge. Similarly, the Metro bus service that was launched in Islamabad started out quite well.

To have premium feeling buses running the track all day and picking and dropping people timely seemed like a dream come true. It was not until many years later when Karachi also got a taste of the Red Bus service, followed by many more under construction. However, it seems that the Metro service in Islamabad/Rawalpindi has closed down permanently. Yes, it is now closed for good, which begs the question; can anything survive in Pakistan?

Pakistan and services that run more
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Metro And Other Developments

There was a time when a new bus service was launched in Karachi many years ago. The buses that run those routes and service were given the name of ‘UTS’. However, we saw that the service could not survive for more than a few months or years, due to the people having issues with it. The local bus groups also had issues with it, thus why the buses were damaged and taken out of commission.

Similarly, extracurricular attractions in Karachi have not lasted long either. There used to be wildlife present inside Safari Park, there were healthy animals in Karachi zoo. Now, both the places feel deserted. The negligence towards any development in the country has been quite high, leading to nothing lasting in the place for too long. Does that mean we are doomed to fail in no matter what development we do?

how has Karachi evolved in sustaining things
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There Is Some Hope

The current Red bus service in Karachi is seeing good days and has not seen any conflict of any kind since it was launched. The service must be doing something good because otherwise, it would have closed down by now. Similarly, the Bykea service is holding strong. The Magnifiscience center established by the Dawood foundation is also going strong. Other than that, Port Grand has not seen any adversity in all its time here.

Thus, this tells us that is there is definitely hope for development in the country, especially in Karachi. We hope that we are introduced to more developments, starting with the completion of the Hyderabad-Sukkur motorway.

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