Ishq Na Kariyo Koi

A multilayered story focusing on different shades of love, Ishq Na Kariyo Koi is a new drama on Express Entertainment. It is a story of love, rejection, revenge, and agony, revolving around a love triangle.


Shy and simple, Fariha (Rabab Hashim) madly loves a guy in her class, Faisal and she writes him anonymous notes. She lives with her father (Firdous Jamal) and doesn’t really have anyone to talk about her feelings.

Faisal (Noor Hassan), on the other hand, is in a relationship with another classmate Maryam (Hajra Yamin) and they both plan to get married soon after graduation.

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Fariha decides to propose Faisal on the last day of college, but things don’t turn out the way she expects, and Faisal ends up humiliating her in front of the whole college due to her not-so-fashionable personality. This makes Fariha leave the country in a state of agony but she decides to be with Faisal at any cost.

A series of unfortunate events lead to the break up of Faisal and Maryam and this gives Fariha a chance to attract Faisal towards her. Let’s see how things will end up between these three as their lives are affected by the decision of one another.

The cast of Ishq Na Kariyo Koi 

Noor Hassan

Rabab Hashim

Hajra Yamin

Firdous Jamal

Humayun Ashraf

Saba Faisal

Javed Sheikh

Naushaba Javed and others.

 Written by

Ali Moeen

Directed by

Abdullah Badini

Produced by

Zeeshan Khan

Production House

TNI Productions


Every Sunday (Started from 14th October)


9 p.m.


Listen to the OST of Ishq Na Kariyo Koi below!

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