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Recent whispers in the tech community suggest that the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series could feature significantly larger batteries. According to a tweet from “X” subscriber @lipilipsi, the iPhone 16 Pro might come with a 3577mAh battery, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max could boast a 4747mAh battery. These figures represent a 9.3% increase for the iPhone 16 Pro and a 7.3% bump for the iPhone 16 Pro Max compared to their iPhone 15 counterparts.

Questionable Source and Past Mistakes

However, as exciting as these potential upgrades sound, it’s essential to approach this information with skepticism. @lipilipsi, the source of this rumor, has a checkered history. In a previous incident, he shared a photoshopped image of an iPhone motherboard, misleadingly labeled as a new model’s component, which was later debunked by experts and tech websites like AppleInsider.

iPhone 16 Pro Series, iPhone 16 Tipped to Get Larger Batteries; iPhone 16 Plus May Not | Technology News
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Despite the dubious source, the idea of larger batteries in the iPhone 16 Pro models isn’t entirely far-fetched. The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro is expected to feature a 6.3-inch OLED display, slightly larger than the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 15 Pro. Similarly, the iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to have a 6.9-inch display, up from the 6.7-inch screen of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Larger screens generally require more power, which could justify the need for increased battery capacities.

Anticipated Hardware and Software Enhancements

Moreover, the new A18 Pro chip, anticipated to power the iPhone 16 Pro series, will likely include enhancements to the Neural Engine, enabling advanced AI features. These improvements could demand more energy, further supporting the case for bigger batteries. The additional capacity would ensure that users can enjoy these new features without sacrificing battery life.

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Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remember that rumors, especially those from less reliable sources, should be taken with a grain of salt. While larger batteries would be a welcome upgrade, it’s best to wait for official announcements from Apple or more credible leaks before getting too excited.

While the prospect of the iPhone 16 Pro series featuring larger batteries aligns with expected hardware and software advancements, the questionable reliability of the source means we should remain cautious. As always, the tech world is full of surprises, and only time will tell what Apple has in store for its next generation of iPhones.

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