The Pakistani film and television industry has produced some great hits over the years. A few honorable mentions can be Mere Humsafar, Khaani, and even Parizaad. Dramas like these have been global hits and still hold a special place in viewers’ hearts and within the industry too.

It is not new for Pakistani dramas to create havoc all around the globe but in India especially, Pakistanis dramas are loved and adored. Many comments of appreciation and love by Indian fans can be seen in the comment sections of these dramas on YouTube. Currently, one such big hit has been Tere Bin.

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The drama has broken every and all records. It has been consistently maintaining the title of having the most ratings. Every Wednesday and Thursdays the episodes of Tere Bin are trending on YouTube in the top spots. It is no doubt that the show has been reviewing immense amounts of love and encouragement but recently, fans have started to spot that a few scenes are copied from an old Indian TV serial.

Fans had previously spotted that the pool scene between Murtasim and Meerab was also copied. Now they have spotted that the rooftop scene from the latest episode was also copied from the Indian TV serial. The drama’s OST was also changed mid-season for a day because it was allegedly given a strike by the original creators of the song who were also from an Indian drama. Here, have a look at this fan’s tweet who did some digging and found the original scenes.

Here another fan found some more similarities.

And here’s when Tere Bin got struck for allegedly copying an Indian song. However, fans did not agree at all because they could see some similarities in the music but not in the lyrics or the beats. They were defending Tere Bin also because Indian artists have been copying Pakistani songs. The lyrics, music, and everything else has been ditto same.

Here’s how some fans reacted to the allegations of Tere Bin being copied.

Whether or not Tere Bin is copied from an Indian drama, it is certainly a blockbuster hit regardless. Fans wait eagerly for new episodes and nothing can change that.

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