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One of the most common things about workplaces is smoke breaks, and the time wasted on them is surprising.

Not to forget the health issues they cause, of course.

Here is what an American research says about smoke breaks taken my American employees:

While the average smoker takes roughly six days of smoke breaks every year, time wasted on smoke breaks fluctuated greatly for Americans in various industries. Americans in technology, wholesale and retail, and finance and insurance spent more than an hour and 20 minutes each day on smoke breaks at work. Those breaks equated to over 40 hours a month and more than 20 days every year for each industry.

So it seemed like a breath of fresh air when the following KitKat ad popped up on our timeline:

Chocolate is more delicious, quicker to consume, and does not cause mouth/lung cancer or breathing problems.

The post is receiving a mixed response, and not unexpectedly so.

comments on kit kat

While many are loving the new idea and tagging their friends, asking them to bring chocolate instead of smokes next time, many are pointing out how replacing cigarette with chocolate can cause diabetes and that’s not any nicer either.

Would you have chocolate breaks instead of cigarette breaks?

Let us know in the comments!

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