Triple Foldable Phone and Rollable Tablet
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There are some titans present in the technology industry who keep an eye on everything. In consoles, Microsoft and Sony have the area handled. AMD and Nvidia are the gatekeepers of the graphics card industry. They make sure the public receives their product without any form of compromise. After all, the original purpose of a Titan was that they were the rulers of the Mythical gods themselves. Kronos was the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades!

So, who are the titans of the smartphone flagship industry? Yes, Samsung and Apple. Focusing on just Samsung right now, are they about to launch the World’s First Triple Foldable Phone and Rollable Tablet? These products actually sound quite strange. This is because Rollable is not a quality one would usually associate with a tablet. It’s a tablet, how can it be rolled? Yet, Samsung has other plans!

Triple Folding Phone by Samsung to be launched
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Samsung’s Run:

Samsung’s Korean division has been long at work on these foldable devices. They continue to impress and shock as they release the illustrations. That is exactly what they have done now. However, let us first circle back To how Samsung has evolved over the years. Considering it has been one of the longest standing titans of the industry, it deserves every praise it gets on its releases.

Samsung is the prime rival to Apple right now, and there are not many brands that can give Apple a run for its money. On the desktop front, Apple as Microsoft to lock horns with. When it comes to smartphones and tablets, it’s Samsung that Apple has to watch out for. Now, with these illustrations, Samsung might have taken a stride ahead for a bit.

Triple Folding Phone And Rollable Tablet:

The illustrations were of two kinds. Both of them displayed futuristic technology with State-of-the-art capabilities. The first one showed a phone which could be folded a total of three times. Remember Samsung’s recent smartphone, which was flippable? Yes, that is exactly like that, except this one will be able to be folded three times! Does that not feel like 2020 Technology?

The second illustration showed the working of a tablet. Seems normal? Well, this tablet is no small feature. It features a tablet which can be rolled and packed. A Rollable Tablet! Samsung is taking things to the very next level, are they not? The writer of this article wonders what else they could have in store for their audience.

Samsung might launch Triple Foldable Phone
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Flip Phones On The Return?

How does this technology affect us? Does this show progression in the right direction? This new reveal indicates that Samsung truly has an innovative plan in mind. Their Asking Galaxy S20 Ultra has a camera that will be talked about for decades. 108-megapixel camera? How is that not state-of-the-art at it’s absolute best?!

A Triple Folding Phone is sure to boost the market many bounds forward. Not just that, the tablet itself sounds quite impressive. The concept of mobility is ever-expanding, and it’s taking new strides every day. Do we hope that Samsung continues to make such inventions and launches with every passing year?

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