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Karsaz Churail is the infamous churail of Karachi. It haunted people’s minds for the longest time possible. Even now, if the topic comes up, either people want to reminisce the original story or hear other people’s accounts of it.

In recent events, we also heard that the churail may just have shifted to Malir Cantt.

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Karsaz Churail or something else?

But all jokes aside, Karsaz Churail would make people tremble if they had to go from Karsaz road at night in the past. Now, she is taken more in the context of a joke or to refer to any unnatural and mysterious appearance.

Anyway, in our search for mysterious events, we decided to approach people and hear the events that were pure horror. One of our source, reveals such an event although she herself is unsure what happened with her.

Let’s see what happened:

The lady shares that she was sleeping in her room with her lights on as she gets scared. The rest of the house is always drowned in darkness the entire night.

At one point, she feels that there is someone in the room so she woke up and she saw someone hovering over her. For some reason, she thought it was her mother reciting tasbih because she was not saying anything. The person indicated for her to follow. Our source thought that the mother was telling her to offer prayers so she immediately got up to follow.

The person exited the room and into the corridor; darkness enveloping her.

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The moment our source reached the corridor, she stopped because even with her sleepy head she was alerted. The house was still in darkness. And she knew that the first thing her mom does at fajr time is switching on every light in the corridor and the living room.

Rooted at the doorway, she feebly called out, ‘Ammi?’

Where did you think the answer came from?

She was expecting an answer from the end of the corridor where she had seen the person disappearing. To her horror, she heard her mom yawning and waking up from the room on her right.

For some reason, still from her doorway, she asks, ‘Ammi, fajr parh li?’ (Have you offered fajr?)

The response she got was, ‘3 baje konsi namaz hoti hai?’ (What prayers is at 3am?)

She just turned around and went inside her room while reciting all the surahs she knew. But all she could think about was, who did she just saw? Where was the entity taking her? And what would have happened had she followed it into the darkness?

So what do you think? Was it the karsaz churail, now in people’s houses?

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