Emojis have become a driving force behind texting. While the majority of our conversations are incomplete without emojis, it remains a significant problem whether they are appropriate for a different setting or not. While emojis have become commonplace in text message marketing campaigns and social media, how or if they should be used in business communications is still something to consider.

Emojis At Workplace: Good Or Bad?

Slack conducted a poll to analyse the use of emojis and their meaning in over 9000 hybrid workers. According to the results, emojis are an integral part of communication and about 58% of messages are incomplete without a single emoji.

Meanwhile, it was reported that choosing the right emoji can speed up communication by 54%. Nearly 46% of young adults—18 – 29 years old think emojis are work-appropriate, while only 28% think they’re inappropriate to use.

Which Emojis Are Work Appropriate?

While the meaning behind certain emojis can be argued – around 31% of Gen-Z and 34% of millennials reports that the recipient has misunderstood the emoji they sent.

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Some of the most common emojis at a workplace include smiley, flying money, praises, and thumbs-up. Meanwhile, it was reported that emojis could also fluctuate depending on the type of social setting. During the pandemic and lockdown, the most common emojis reported were the heart and similar emojis to dictate compassion and support at the workplace.

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According to young professional respondents using emojis in the workplace makes work more fun. “Using emojis at work is Ok and makes everything easier.” Young professionals also see others in a more positive light when they use emojis.

Using emojis at work can help you set the tone, and bond more closely with your coworkers. It shows that you’re a caring team member. When your written communications have that human touch, you’re bound to create a more positive work environment for yourself and everyone you work with.

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