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Apple comes up with different kinds of news pieces throughout the year. No matter what time of the day it is, people are always hyped to listen to the company. Where they started in a garage is now a multi-billion dollar company with impressive products. If you buy and iPhone, it is still considered something extraordinary. To be able to use their products is an achievement in itself. That said, it seems that

Apple has announced a temporary halt in the sales of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches in the United States. Yes, it seems that they are pausing the production on two of the smartwatch models. This is mainly due to a patent dispute over the blood oxygen feature technology.

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Apple And Smartwatches

According to sources, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued an order in October, potentially barring Apple from importing Apple Watches. This was don upon finding a violation of medical technology company Masimo’s patent rights. Of course, if a product has been patented, it cannot be used by an organization that does not have the rights.

A Presidential review period is ongoing until December 25th, which is prompting Apple to proactively comply with potential rulings by pausing sales on its website from December 21st and in retail locations after December 24th. Not only has the company been asked to take the product off the shelf, it will also be taken off the store. This might be tough news for people who had a mind to buy this smartwatch.

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Lifting The Production Halt

According to sources, Apple maintains that the ITC’s finding is inaccurate and off-founding, and plans to appeal the decision to the Federal Circuit. The company believes Masimo’s legal actions are an attempt to pave the way for its own competing smartwatch. They believe the company is only doing this so they can push Apple away from the market so they can launch their products.

While the smartwatches are available to purchase on an international scale, the local condition is what we are about to see soon. We hope that the dispute is settled without there being dire repercussions on either end. That said, if the allegations turn out to be true, it can affect Apple’s production of other items. What if they are running off of other technologies that they do not have patented rights for?

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