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Every day, we see more and more advancements when it comes to technology. Where the smartphone used to be a new invention, it has become a necessity in every household. We remember the time when phone chargers used to consist of round pins and heavy bricks. Now, the designs have become more sleek, with various kinds of ports being used in smartphones. The USB-C port is becoming quite common these days, with Apple using it in their latest iPhone as well.

iPhone 15 transitioned to USB-C, but Lightning ports persist in some Mac accessories. The lightning port is the default one that Apple has been using for quite a lot of years. They first appeared in the early iPhones and stayed for quite a while. However, even in Mac accessories, Apple might be thinking to transition to type-C ports instead of lightning.

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Apple Rumored Accessories

The Rumor suggests that Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad will be updated with USB-C ports in spring 2024. This means that the above accessories will now be compatible on a whole other level than right now. According to the rumor, the change may be the only update for these accessories, with no additional details provided.

If the rumor is true, Lightning ports will be transitioned out from most Apple products, with older iPhones and iPhone SE 3 being exceptions. Those can remain on the lightning ports and will have support for quite a while. However, any new products, you can expect them to be USB-C based.

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New Advancements Everyday

Another rumor hints at new iPad Air, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air models powered by Apple’s M3 chip launching in March, April, or May 2024. Of course, we are all looking forward to how the M3 is going to perform. This might be the first M-series chip that can provide users with dedicated gaming functionality. Yes, you might just be able to use M3 macs for your gaming needs.

Let us see what else Apple brings to us as the year comes to an end. They have already given us quite a lot to go on for next year, but they can still surprise us. Knowing them, they might have more tricks up their sleeve.

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