which car for road trip in Pakistan
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Going on a road trip in Pakistan, especially to the northern areas, can be quite a task to accomplish. It is not a trip that everyone can make and definitely not a trick that any car can make. Yes, when you go out on a road trip, it is always recommended that you take a car which can handle the terrain, weather and the load of people and luggage. In such a case, we would not recommend you to drive a 660cc car on a long road trip, or to the northern areas.

There are quite a few reasons as to why a 660cc car should not be taking terrain-heavy road trips. The purpose of the 660cc vehicle was fuel efficiency and it does that quite well, in the city or on the motorway. However, the fuel efficiency is present because of the appropriate engine size. However, that also means that the threshold for the engine can also be reached quicker over prolonged use.

pakistan road trip and greater cc cars to take
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Driving a 660cc in Pakistan

For Karachi’s stop-and-go traffic, a 660cc car is the perfect applicant. It consumes quite less fuel on idle and running both. However, due to the engine size, if the car is fully loaded with people and luggage, then the 660cc has to work quite hard to reach the same energy it was producing with lesser people. Thus, it is not recommended to take a 660cc car on a long road trip, especially to the northern areas.

You can take the car if you wish to, but it is going to be quite a lot of load on the engine for quite a long time. People have taken a Mehran on Pakistan tours but even that is not recommended. Most 660cc cars are made for city-driving and that is where they perform the best. For long road trips and Pakistan tours, the best engine capacity to have is at least 1.0 Liter or greater. A 1.0 Liter vehicle can handle load with better efficiency and still give good mileage over longer distances or hilly areas.

take at least a 1000cc car on a road trip
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A Car Can Go Anywhere

Of course, if you want to take a smaller car loaded with people and luggage, you can. However, it will not only give you lack of power on many fronts, but the wear and tear on the engine with be a nuisance for the next person who decides to buy your car.

A lot of 660cc engine cars end up with seized or repaired engines in them due to overworking the engine itself. Thus, then the value goes down and the next buyer hesitates.

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