Image Source: The Express Tribune

Irfan Junejo, a popular Pakistani YouTuber has been having some long-time beef with another very popular YouTuber, Ducky Bhai. Recently, he took to Instagram to clear up misconceptions about his recent comments in a podcast. He stated that he did not specifically name Ducky Bhai or Maaz Safder, and challenged anyone who thought he did to provide proof.

Image Source: The Express Tribune

Irfan clarified that he had only expressed frustration with the kind of content that the audience demands and the fact that creating content with his family would not generate views. He stressed that he had no problem with Ducky or Maaz and had spoken to Ducky to resolve any misunderstandings. Ducky, too, urged his followers to take things lightly and not create unnecessary controversies.

The original podcast discussion centered around Irfan’s wish to create content that he is passionate about, rather than relying on family-oriented or trend-based videos to gain views. He expressed his intention to explore alternate sources of income and to use his Instagram and TikTok platforms to fund his creative pursuits. A blog post later implied that Irfan had targeted Ducky and Maaz in his comments, which Ducky addressed on Twitter, explaining that he had been successful on his channel even before his marriage and that he still respected Irfan.

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