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Karachi, Pakistan’s main metropolis, is set to welcome Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi on April 23, planning a comprehensive traffic redirection plan by local authorities to ensure smooth proceedings during his visit. This event marks a significant diplomatic move as President Raisi embarks on his first visit following Pakistan’s general elections on February 8, highlighting the importance of the bilateral ties between the two neighboring countries.

Traffic Plan Details

Karachi’s traffic police have announced a detailed traffic rerouting strategy for April 23, aiming to minimize inconvenience while prioritizing security. According to the traffic police, major thoroughfares such as Club Road will be entirely closed from PIDC to Metropole. Furthermore, Ziauddin Road will see closures from Khajoor Chowk to PIDC, affecting the flow from the light signal right up to PIDC Chowk.

Iran president to visit Pakistan from Monday to Wednesday, Pakistan says | Pakistan News - The Indian Express
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For motorists navigating the city on this day, alternative routes have been discussed aswell. Traffic originating from Sultanabad Road will be redirected towards Khajoor Chowk and subsequently to Aiwan-e-Sadr Road. Additionally, vehicles from Shaheen Complex will be directed to turn left at Khajoor Chowk towards Aiwan-e-Sadr Road, ensuring that the flow of traffic remains as fluid as possible despite the closures.

High-Level Engagements and Itinerary

President Raisi’s itinerary is packed with high-level meetings, reflecting the strategic depth of Iran-Pakistan relations. During his stay, he is scheduled to hold discussions with key Pakistani figures including President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, and other notable political and military leaders. His agenda also includes visits to Lahore and Karachi, where he will engage with provincial leaderships and pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at his mausoleum in Karachi, a gesture showing mutual respect and the historical ties between the two nations.

Karachi Traffic Plan for Tomorrow, April 23: Roads Closed for Foreign Dignitaries' Visit
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Public Holiday and Security Measures

To accommodate this significant diplomatic event and ensure public safety, Karachi will observe a public holiday on the day of President Raisi’s visit. This decision reflects the city’s commitment to facilitating a successful visit and demonstrates the importance of the occasion in the context of regional diplomacy.

As Karachi prepares to host President Raisi, the city not only gears up to ensure a seamless logistical system but also looks forward to fostering stronger bilateral relationships. This visit is seen as a pivotal moment for both nations to discuss and enhance cooperation in various fields, marking another chapter in the long-standing friendship and collaboration between Iran and Pakistan.

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