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With the anticipated announcement of the next iPhones in early September, the tech world is abuzz with speculation and rumors. One of the biggest controversies leading up to the reveal revolves around the hero color for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Will it be a color never seen before on the Pro lineup, or will the iconic PRODUCT(RED) be absent? The latest report from a reliable source, Unknownz21, suggests that the mystery color for the iPhone 15 Pro will be blue, deviating from previous expectations.

Blue Takes Center Stage

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting a red iPhone 15 Pro, Unknownz21, in collaboration with Macrumors, now claims that the hero color will be a dark blue with a gray undertone. Imagery created by the leaker showcases this shade, reminiscent of the popular Pacific Blue hue introduced in previous iPhone models. When questioned about the color’s similarity to Pacific Blue, Unknownz21 confirmed the resemblance. Additionally, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro will retain the matte finish on the back glass, distinguishing it from the glossier iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

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The Subtle Appeal of Gray-Blue

Considering the rumored shift to titanium construction for the iPhone 15 Pro, the suggested gray-blue color seems fitting. Apple’s inclination to tint the titanium with a subtler shade, rather than opt for red, aligns with previous design choices. Currently, Apple offers only a natural titanium shade in its products, exemplified in the Apple Watch Ultra. Another instance of colored titanium was the Space Black finish seen in Apple Watch Edition Series 6 and 7. Thus, the possibility of a Space Black, Midnight, or Space Gray iPhone 15 Pro arises, offering users a range of sophisticated options.

Decoys and Speculations

While Apple has been known to consider and discard various color options during the product development stage, the leaker suggests that this blue shade may actually be the real deal. Responding to a Twitter comment about Apple’s use of decoy colors, Unknownz21 hinted that the red color could potentially be a diversionary tactic. However, they also acknowledged that the blue color may still be subject to change, speculating that it could be a test configuration to assess the durability of the new titanium material’s PVD coating.

Impending Unveiling

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As the launch date draws near, all signs point to Apple unveiling an iPhone 15 Pro with a cool and understated blue color option. Although the leaker admits some uncertainty, the matching blue backplates on the devices suggest that it’s more than just a test of the frame material. Soon, tech enthusiasts and iPhone aficionados will witness the introduction of the iPhone 15 Pro, which is expected to showcase a quietly elegant design.

As we approach the much-anticipated iPhone launch event, rumors surrounding the hero color for the iPhone 15 Pro continue to spark excitement and speculation. While initial predictions pointed to a red iPhone, the latest report suggests a stylish dark blue with a gray tone. Apple’s choice to potentially offer a range of titanium finishes further adds to the intrigue. Ultimately, Apple’s unveiling in the coming weeks will provide definitive answers and showcase the remarkable design of the iPhone 15 Pro.

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