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Apple has been the star of the show recently. 2020 has been an eventful year for them. From teasing the release of iPhone 12 to the online-only event, they’ve done it all. They’ve even managed to endure the trolling that they’ve been hit with since the iPhone 12 launch. Now that the phone is officially out, what is it that you need to know about it? Of course, some common questions can be specifications and product availability. Let us explore some of these.

Hardware Specifications:

The iPhone 12 comes in a sleek, smart design with a beautiful display. It’s structure is verified by CorningGorilla so it can survive a harsh impact too. You don’t have to worry about the screen cracking now on the first drop. Just don’t throw it after turning the airplane mode on! The phone comes in 4 variants; Mini, Standard, Pro, Pro Max.

The mini, as advertised, has a smaller screen but it does not hinder in it’s capabilities. It’s just a smaller version of 12 with lesser storage and a slight compromise on battery.

Software Specifications:

Similarly, the Pro and Pro Max have bigger displays with more storage, RAM and good cameras. The lacking part of all the phones, is the battery. Apart from the Pro Max, you cannot hope the battery of the rest of the variants will last too long in a day. In Contrast, Samsung does have a good battery but the iPhone makes up for it with fast charging.

The iPhone 12 runs on the A14 Bionic chip. This is the latest in a line of State-of-the-art systems. It runs the phone without lag or hanging and the amount of RAM does not slow the phone down. You can run as many apps and games as you like and still enjoy smooth functions.

The camera on the phone stands at a beautiful pixel quality. As we already know, iPhones are known for their cameras. Whenever anyone bought an iPhone, it was mostly always due to the camera. The app ‘Snapchat’ runs best on iPhones because that is where it is best optimized to run.

iPhone 12 bionic chip

The Big Question:

So how much do the iPhone 12 variants cost and where can they be bought from?

The iPhone 12 mini 64GB is expected to be at Rs.202, 999/-. The iPhone 12 standard 64GB is set to be at Rs.219, 999/-

Yes, even being a flagship phone, the product is almost at the same price range as Samsung S20 and Note 20.

This is quite a hefty amount, even after tax and PTA approval on the devices. The iPhone 12 Pro 128GB is expected to be at Rs.255, 999/-. Finally, the Pro Max Variant 128GB is expected at Rs.272, 499/-

As far as locations are concerned, Karachi’s mobile market will be housing the devices when they arrive and they can be ordered online from Daraz. One can get a good bargain on the open market but online is usually fixed. One also has to be aware of scams. The prices mentioned here are in a bracket. There can be variance but too much dip or rise is alarming.

Karachi iPhone Saddar
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