iPhone 12 vs pro max
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With the iPhone 12 launch at Apple’s Online-Only event, there came 4 variants of the phone. Today we are going to compare two of them here. Our objective revolves around the comparison in its design, capabilities, and user ease. When it comes to iPhones, Apple goes for complete simplicity.

It provides an experience for the user who is not hard to manage. So what exactly are the differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max? Why is it that there is a price difference between these two variants? Are they more alike than we think, or are they worlds apart? Let us start with the hardware itself.

iPhone 12 Max Pro
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A comparison of Size

The iPhone 12 Pro features a screen of 6.1 inches. This is quite a step up from the standard iPhone 12 size. It has a beautiful resolution with an amazing display. Say hello to constant high definition imagery on your device. However, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the size is set at a staggering 6.7 inches. This is quite big as compared to the Pro.

One feature to note is that, with this size, the Pro Max does offer a slightly lower pixel density of 458, where the iPhone 12 Pro offers 460. Apart from this, there is not much of a difference between the design and screen. Both are sleek, and both of them offer ease of access to the user.

Every Ounce Matters

Due to it’s a bigger size and wider screen, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also weighs at a higher 8 ounces. Compared to this, the Pro weighs at 6 ounces. So if you’re someone who prefers to go for lighter phones, then iPhone 12 Pro is the go-to.

A bulkier body also signifies another thing. It shows that, sometimes, single-hand use of the phone may not be possible. If the user is used to typing and scrolling with one hand, they may find the iPhone 12 Pro more to their taste.

Pro Max heavier phone
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The Camera

This is where there is more of a difference between the two phones than any other. Both of them offer a triple camera array with excellent pixel quantity.

However, the sensor size differs in both of the phones. In iPhone 12 Pro Max, the sensor is larger than the Pro. Statistics have concluded that the Pro Max has 87% improvement due to the larger sensor. Improvement in what, you ask? Low light photography!

The Pro Max has impressive results regarding low light photography and absolutely triumphs over the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone photography better
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The Verdict

Concluding the comparison, the Pro Max has a slightly better battery capacity. So if you’re looking to run your phone for 3-4 hours more, the Pro Max is your choice.

Looking at everything discussed above, there is no difference between the two variants to save the camera and the size. The 12 Pro has a more manageable compact size, and the Pro Max has a bigger one. It can all boil down to your preference. Plus, the Pro Max comes with an added expense too, so maybe give a second thought before investing!

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