iPhone 12 leaks
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When the cold war was at its peak, there was no shortage of spies on either side. Not a day went by when there wasn’t a report of a spy caught on the side. Spies led short, adrenaline-rushing lives and their role, despite being secretive, can be considered quite vital.

Even during the years of American Independence, the first spy ring was established. This was known as the Culper spy ring, led by none other than George Washington himself. Even now, in 2020, information continues to leak. The most recent development being the new iPhone 12 Official Date and Price leaks.

Phone Price Leaks
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An information-for-all era:

How do we know that the official launch date, for the iPhone 12, is lingering nearby? It was leaked! Once Apple made the official date public, we realized how right the leaks were. The official launch is a mere days away. However, the date was not even the highlight of the leaks. The astonishing part of the leaks, is the prices of the iPhone 12 and its variants.

From the iPhone 12 Mini all the way up to iPhone 12 Pro Max, each of the variant’s prices came as quite a shock to the audience. This was not just due to the fact that they were leaked. Rather, this was because they seem quite lower than what was expected. So what kind of move is Apple really playing here? How do we know that the price is justified for what is being bought? Let us see how they have managed to optimize.

iPhone prices out
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The price gap:

So, after clearing out what was leaked, let us look at the prices themselves. The iPhone 12 mini is scheduled to be launched with a marked price of $649 for the 64GB version and $699 for the 128GB version. That being said, the iPhone 12 standard version is set to be sold at &749 for the 64GB, $799 for 128GB and $899 for 256GB.

Even when talking about comparison to iPhone 11, there are differences. The iPhone 12 costs $50 lesser at each price point as compared to iPhone 11. In contrast, iPhone 12 standard costs $50 more at each price point to its predecessors.

Even looking at the iPhone 12 Max Pro price, all of it adds up to a pretty good value. Its quite remarkable, honestly. This will shake up the market prices of competitors by a margin. The Samsung S20 Ultra is set to release at a price of at least $1299-$1399. The iPhone 12 Max Pro’s base price of 128GB storage, is $1099! How is that not a bargain on flagship?

Compromise and Features:

Of course, with the reduction in price, there come a few drawbacks. Apple had to reduce battery capacities. They also had to use low refresh rate displays. Not only this, they have removed the ear pods and wall charger from the box. This turn of events may upset users because those accessories are quite a bargain.

However, there are upsides where there are downfalls. Perfectly balanced, right? (Like Thanos). The phones have new edgy designs as well as the class leading A14 chip and a LiDAR camera. This type of camera can generate a 3-D model with greater accuracy as compared to a simple camera.

That being said, the writer of this article hopes the iPhone 12 satisfies users and provides them with a blissful experience. The iPhone leaks have provided good information.

Official Date and leaks
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