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Apple is set to introduce several noteworthy updates to iPhone battery health and charging settings with the release of iOS 18, providing users with more control and awareness over their charging habits. Among these changes are new options for setting charging limits and a feature that alerts users when they are using a slow charger.

Enhanced Charging Limits

With iOS 18, iPhone 15 users will have greater flexibility in managing their device’s battery life. Previously, Apple allowed users to set an 80% charge limit to help preserve battery health. This feature has now been expanded to include more granular options, enabling users to set their charge limits at 85%, 90%, or 95%. These additional options are designed to give users more control over how much their battery charges, potentially extending the overall lifespan of the battery by reducing the wear associated with charging to 100%.

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Slow Charger Alerts

Another significant addition to iOS 18 is a new feature that notifies users if they are charging their iPhone with a slow charger. Within the Settings app, under the “Battery” menu, users will find a Battery Level graph. If the device detects that it is being charged with a slow charger, a warning message will appear on the graph. This new alert is visually indicated by an orange color on the graph, making it easy for users to recognize when their device is not charging optimally.

While the exact charging speed that triggers the “Slow Charger” message has not been specified, this feature aims to enhance user awareness about their charging practices. It encourages users to use faster, more efficient chargers, which can improve charging times and potentially benefit battery health in the long run.

Anticipated Support Documentation

As with many of its updates, Apple is expected to release a detailed support document when iOS 18 becomes publicly available this fall. This document will likely provide more comprehensive information about these new battery and charging features, including the specific thresholds for what constitutes a slow charger.

iOS 18 has new slow charger warning hidden in Settings
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These updates reflect Apple’s ongoing commitment to improving user experience and device longevity. By offering more detailed charging options and insights, iOS 18 empowers users to make informed decisions about how they charge their iPhones, ultimately promoting better battery health and device performance.

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