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Apple rolled out iOS 17.3 this Monday, giving iPhone users a fresh batch of updates to enhance their digital experience. The release, more than a month after the previous iOS 17.2, brings exciting features, including Stolen Device Protection and an array of bug fixes.

How to Get the Update

Getting your hands on these new features is a breeze. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update, tap Install Now, and follow the onscreen prompts. Now, let’s dive into the goodies iOS 17.3 has in store for you.

Stolen Device Protection

In a move geared toward fortifying your iPhone’s security, iOS 17.3 introduces Stolen Device Protection. This feature takes a biometric approach, requiring multiple Face ID or Touch ID verifications for accessing sensitive settings and information, such as your Apple ID password.

Meet Security Delay, a new mechanism that adds an extra layer of defense when attempting to tweak these settings outside your usual locations, like your home. For an added shield, Stolen Device Protection prompts biometric info twice if you venture to make changes away from familiar surroundings. While it safeguards a handful of settings, Apple suggests activating this optional security feature for an extra layer of protection.

Apple releases iOS 17.3, which introduces the new Stolen Device Protection tool
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Unity Bloom Wallpaper

In honor of Black History Month, iOS 17.3 brings a vibrant addition to your iPhone’s aesthetics — the Unity Bloom wallpaper. Featuring an outline of flowers that burst into color when your display comes to life, this wallpaper is a beautiful nod to diversity and celebration.

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists

Music lovers, rejoice! iOS 17.3 unveils the much-awaited collaborative playlists for Apple Music subscribers. Now, multiple users can contribute to and control shared playlists on the platform. Adding a personal touch, you can react to songs with emojis, instantly letting others know your musical preferences within the collaborative playlist.

iOS 17.3 Beta Adds Collaborative Apple Music Playlists Again - MacRumors
Source: Mac Rumors

Apple had teased collaborative playlists during WWDC 2023, and although they made a brief appearance in some beta versions of iOS 17.2, it’s only now, with iOS 17.3, that they officially hit the mainstream.

iOS 17.3 brings a blend of security, diversity, and musical collaboration to your iPhone, ensuring your digital experience remains both dynamic and secure. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the update and let your iPhone shine brighter than ever!

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