Apple has come out with the first developer beta of iOS 16.4 on Thursday. While the version that is supposed to be the final one is still in the works, the company has given us a glimpse of the features to expect. Some of these features include new emojis, an updated podcasts app, and notification support for web apps.

1. Emojis

With iOS 16.4, 31 new emojis are rolling out including a few colored hearts, several new animals including, moose, goose, jellyfish, and a few food items and musical instruments.

Image source: macrumours

2. Web Push Notifications

This feature typically supports web push notifications via sending system notifications through the Push API, Notifications API, and Service Workers by using the standard HTML5 Web Push API. However, websites will ask for permission to do so with a subscribe button.

Image source: macrumours

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3. Home Architecture

The Home architecture upgrade was supposed to come out with iOS 16.2 release but is back in iOS 16.4. According to Apple, the new architecture will further improve the app’s performance, efficiency, and reliability for controlling smart home accessories.

Image source: macrumours

4. New Podcast Features 

A new Channels menu in iOS 16.4 will provide a list of podcast channels all in one place on the ‌iPhone‌. With this feature, the Up Next queue will include episodes that have been saved by the listeners to their Library and episodes that they play from shows they do not follow.

Meanwhile, CarPlay‌ will provide access to the Up Next and Recently Played queues from the Listen Now tab. Alongside podcast recommendations in the Browse tab.

Image source: macrumours

5. Beta Requirements

With the new beta update menu, users can get access to different beta updates including Developer Beta updates or Public Beta updates. According to Apple, this new feature is the only way to enable developer betas, preventing configuration profiles from being used and shared online for free.

Image source: macrumours

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