Inzamam blames Zaka for cricket turmoil
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There is always some form of interesting and engaging news coming out of the world of cricket, especially the current clashes. A while back, we came to know that the players were having conflicts among themselves. This not only affects the spirits of the players in the game, it also affects the game itself that they play. While not everyone is ready to point fingers towards the responsible authority, some are ready to.

In recent news, Inzamam-ul-Haq, former chief selector of Pakistan, criticized ex-PCB chief Zaka Ashraf, blaming him for the poor performance of the national team in the 2023 World Cup, alleging interference in team selection. Pakistan finished fifth in the 2023 World Cup, winning only four matches and losing five, leading to concerns about the team’s performance and the alleged influence on selection decisions.

cricket blaming of turmoil by Inzamam
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Improving The Cricket Performance

In a recent interview, Inzamam expressed dissatisfaction with Ashraf’s comments on the team selection process, stating that hearing the chairman claim the squad was chosen solely by the captain and chief selector creates a negative mindset among players. In a high-tension game like Cricket, it is important for each player to contribute their fair share, to guarantee a win.

Expanding on this news, Inzamam faced additional scrutiny for his alleged shareholding in a company owned by Talha Rehmani. He is the person who serves as the agent for several players, including Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Afridi, raising concerns about potential conflicts of interest. If there are conflicts of interest, then it raises higher issues on how the team is to be structured in the future, including the chief selectors and captains.

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Hoping For A Resolution

The PCB formed a five-member fact-finding committee to investigate allegations of conflict of interest related to team selection, with Inzamam waiting for the committee’s report. Zaka Ashraf resigned from his position, and significant changes have occurred in the PCB management committee since the 2023 World Cup.

While some of the changes may seem quite harsh or sudden, they are certainly vital for improving the team’s performance. The players need to stay in a positive mindset environment in order to perform well in any of the next upcoming series.

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